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What we do best
You've got something to say, you just need to figure out what that is—and how to say it.
From concept through final edit, we ensure your videographer (or ours) executes on your vision.
Good copy converts—the rest just gets in the way. We help you sort out which is which.
Don't hide under that bushel basket—get out and shine!
These documents contain the seeds you need to sprout all the organized, on-brand, emotionally-resonant copy you want.
What we do best, phrased differently for SEO
  • Naming
    Your brand by any other name wouldn't sell as sweet. Tweaks to communication can polish up a variety of turds—but the stench of a weak, clichéd, or misleading name is hard to ignore.
  • Branding
    You have a brand already—but can you express it with ease? Can your customers? Whether it's a quick refresh or complete overhaul, we'll help you keep it tight.

  • Positioning
    Who are you, who are you talking to, what do you bring to the table, and who are you trying to beat? You can proceed without answers to these if you like, but it's gonna be messy.
  • Messaging
    Before you say anything, you have to organize your thoughts. We help you with the stuff that lives behind the copy—that touches the soul of your brand, and resonates with your audience.
  • Copywriting
    It's one of those things that everybody thinks they can do until they sit down and try. Writing—like any craft—is a weird amalgamation of talent, grit, and fairy dust. And we've got all three.
  • Executive communication
    Speeches, talking points, social posts, email—your leaders' words can be an enormous asset, or a profound liability. We take some of that burden off your shoulders, for when it needs to sound just right.

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Definitions & philosophies—the way we do things

Think of us as a helpful medium

channeling your truth to the world

in ways that seem supernatural.

Let us be your Whoopi Goldberg.

Some brands we've worked with
Some people who like us
"Since working with Josh, we've seen growth in donations, largely due to his moving writing and understanding of our target market. I highly recommend working with him, whether you're a small business or a large company."
Meytal Stancek
Global Publications Manager, Vision for Israel
"Josh has a razor sharp wit, a good heart, and is able to see many layers of a situation fast to pick out potential opportunities and problems. A true asset to any creative project and an absolute delight to work with."
Kiera Tsenti
Co-founder of Hire Write Talent
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Behind the veil
  • Josh Cramer
    Owner / Consultant, Verbal Strategy

    Long-time purveyor of puns and senpai of strategy, Josh hails from a background that includes agency branding & copywriting, banking, cognitive training, and custom footwear sales.

    When he's not tuning up brands or shitposting about business, Josh writes far more depressing things in his journal and sets them to music. You may catch him at an open mic around the Twin Cities, or biking too fast on our fabulous backroads and trails.
  • Persons X & Y
    Copywriters of the night

    • 10+ years, copy, content & script writing
    • Extensive experience in television
    • MD, PhD researcher
    • 5+ years writing experience focused on medicine, forensics & mental health