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So your brand’s at that special age. Seems like overnight it’s developed at a rapid pace. You’ve started noticing other brands finding their voices, and you’re itching to get out there too.  But, as you venture to navigate this tender time, you're faced with the question we all ask: how tf to go about it? Jump on Tiktok? Buy a billboard? Go viral? Write a blog or something? Or, are you really ready to go all the way, and hire yourself a full-time marketer?

A matter of bandwidth: your circus, your monkeys

Let's start right there with the idea of a full-time hire. Sounds straightforward, right? You court a few seasoned marketing professionals, choose one you feel ready to commit to, and they take care of your every marketing need—from designing campaigns to managing social media, and everything in between. Sounds like a match made in heaven…

but is it ever really that simple?

Imagine setting up a circus with just one performer. They're juggling, walking the tightrope, and trying to stick their head in the lion’s mouth all at the same time. …honestly, I bet the Cirque du Soleil people could make it happen—so perhaps that’s where this analogy dies.

But the point is, that's a lot for any (mortal) person, no matter how talented. Even the most experienced marketing professional would struggle to cover every aspect of your marketing needs. They may excel in one area but fall short in another. Not everyone was born to jack all trades, or however that goes.

The hidden expense: what lies beneath

Lack of satisfaction may be one thing, but it gets worse. Because, as you probably already know, the full cost of an employee goes far beyond salary. Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, you’re on the hook for taxes, benefits, vacation and sick leave, training and development—not to mention the time and resources spent scoping out and wooing said FTE.

All these add up to form the hidden part of the iceberg, lurking beneath the surface. Still feel like the king of the world?

Failed expectations: post-consummation clarity

It gets real. This new relationship with your employee is starting to feel like more than you bargained for. You want to provide guidance without micromanaging, and encourage creativity while ensuring they align with your company's vision—but why are they so stressed all the time?

Is it something you did? Do they secretly resent you? They’re doing enough to serve your sales team’s constant urgent requests but… is their heart in it? Maybe they’re still obsessed with their former employer—hard to tell.

Breaking the pattern: an unexpected loophole

But what if I told you there's another path you can take? One that doesn't involve the hassle of hiring, managing, and shouldering the costs of a full-time employee. It's a road less traveled but can lead you to the same destination, if not further.

Enter the world of marketing consultancies.

Consultancies: your experienced companion

A marketing consultancy is kind of like your neighborhood massage parlor. You don’t walk in and get just one person responsible for all your kinks. Instead, you have an entire crew, each with their own magic hands.

You’ve got the pin-point precision of the acupuncturist, the smooth and gentle touch of a Swedish masseuse, and the no-nonsense, deep-tissue expert that isn’t afraid to get in there and make you cry out in simultaneous pain and ecstasy.

Instead of one poor sucker trying to handle your every marketing need, you have a whole team, each brilliant at their own thing—working out all the marketing knots until your brand is as relaxed and glowing as you are. All the perks, none of the stress.

Real life savings: more bang for your buck

A consultancy might seem like the more expensive option on the surface, but when you break it down, it often works out to be less. You're not paying a salary, benefits, and taxes—you're investing in an entire team's worth of expertise. And unlike an employee, a consultancy is flexible. You can scale up or down based on your needs and budget.

Less babysitting: more time for you

Just relax, lie back, and let them do the work.

With a consultancy, you get to step back and let the experts handle your marketing. They manage themselves, freeing you up to focus on what you do best—running your business.

In a nutshell, it's about working smarter, not harder. So, as you stand at this marketing crossroads, take a moment to consider the path less traveled. It might just be the shortcut to success you've been searching for.

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