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You didn’t start building frames because it was easy. And if you’re working with the same economy as the rest of us—it certainly hasn’t been. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to lighten the load. Let’s get into it.

1. Broaden your brand to allow for scale.

Scaling a bike frame business can be challenging, as customers often seek the personal touch of a bike built by you. By positioning your brand as a symbol of expertise, craftsmanship, and passion, you create a brand value that extends beyond the individual creator.

Now, you can maintain your brand identity while exploring semi-custom runs or contracting additional builders.

2. Find—then emphasize—your brand’s emotional core.

In an increasingly competitive market, having a clear, emotionally-resonant message is vital to setting your brand apart. So focus on the emotional connection your customers have with your brand and products.

What’s so special about you, and every frame you create? Inspiring customers to invest in your work does wonders to justify a higher price point.

3. Make peace with the e-bikes.

E-bikes may pose a threat to the custom bike market, but not you—not if you’re wily. One option is to double down on the bespoke craftsmanship and tailored experience that custom frames provide.

Alternatively (or at the same time), explore opportunities to integrate e-bike components into your offerings while preserving your brand's essence. Custom frames will never be the practical, economical choice—so choose your competition wisely.

4. Mine your brand's story to connect with customers.

A powerful brand narrative is essential to help you stand out amidst market fluctuations. So leverage authentic storytelling to emphasize the unique experience your brand offers—be it the personal connection you have with each frame, or just the feeling of being part of something special.

People crave connection, so give them something to hold on to.

5. Build a fanbase with original content.

Engage with your customers by creating content that speaks to their specific interests and preferences.

Whether it's technical details, frame geometry, or the creative process, develop content that appeals to your customers' passions and keeps them engaged with your brand—whether it’s a blog or newsletter, or any of the umpteen social media channels at your disposal.

6. Tag team FTW.

A good old-fashioned team-up can yield benefits for both parties in a challenging market. When partnering with other businesses or organizations, ensure your brand values align with your partners'.

This will result in cohesive collaborations that strengthen your brand while expanding your reach.

This should get you well along the way in navigating the tortuous road ahead. Remember, it's all about staying adaptable, true to your brand, and continuously engaging with your customers. Happy trails (or roads)!

At GhostCMO, we specialize in helping businesses overcome industry challenges through strategic branding and marketing. Let's discuss how we can help you steer through the complexities of the bike industry.

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