Let's raise your brand
from the dead.
You're not a marketer—you're a maker. You've poured everything you have into getting things right for your customers. And that effort is all-consuming.

But while you've been sweating the details to take care of business—your brand has merely existed. The website, with its stock WordPress template circa 2012. Your social media last updated around the New Year... hanging in the air like a stale fart.

You know it's not right. You know it doesn't represent you or what you do very well—but who has the time or resources to fix it?

We do. In fact, that's what we're all about. And we can't wait to help.
Why rebrand with GhostCMO?
We're not some bloated agency.
We're small, agile, and focused on our core customers: medium-sized makers ready to get serious about their brand. That means quicker turnaround—and let's be real here—lower prices.

We're focused.
We don't try to do 1000 things. We specialize in branding and messaging, with in-house copywriting and content strategy. Projects with wider scopes can be fulfilled via our network of trusted partners—managed by us. One invoice, no bullsh*t.

Our work is evergreen.
Trends come and go. And we're on them for sure. But the thing that sets you apart is your unique brand story—and that's forever.

The process is simple, measured in weeks not months.
We get a sense of where you are in the market, clarifying your audience(s), competitive set, and mission/values.
We form your positioning based on these findings, then gather and sort your claims & proofpoints—and brainstorm creative concepts to tie it all together.
We create brand messaging documents you and your team can use to express your newly-solidified brand in the world.

In many cases, we also create brand new websites; produce videos & animations; write brochures... anything else you need to get going.
Some brands we've worked with

Ready to refresh the f*ck out of your brand?
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